Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vanda Events is featured on "Style Me Pretty"

Today is a special special day for me :) I got an email from my friend Shannon of Shannon Renee Photography letting me know our wedding got featured on Style Me Pretty! I am so so excited for all of us! It is the first time for both of us to be featured on a wedding website! I called my friend Jae aka the bride and she didn't even know we got featured too! This is an exciting day for all of us! It was Jae's dream to be featured on Style Me Pretty since this website was all she talked about when she was planning her wedding! My dream was to be featured on it too and I am so happy for all of us! My next dream is to be featured in a wedding magazine next. I know I'll get there one day! For now I'm gonna enjoy today's gift of being featured on Style Me Pretty :)

Here's the link:


Pic of the sweetest couple!
Photo by Shannon Renee Photography

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CASSIE said...

Beautiful, amazing wedding and the pictures are amazing. What was the location it is stunning?