Friday, July 17, 2009

Illumination Foundation Fundraiser 2009

A couple months ago I was asked by my cousin's wife to take part in a great cause. I was asked to be one of the committee members for the Illumination Foundation. Illumination Foundation is a nonprofit organization that has placed 100 homeless families into their temporary homes. My cousin's wife owns a floral design company so she was donating her talent and time. She asked if I would be interested in donating my talent as an event planner to plan their annual fundraiser. I am so glad I did it! After several months of planning the event was finally here. The event was on Saturday, July 11th, a couple days after I return from my month long trip in Europe. I literally hit the ground running the day after I got back. The event was held at The Los Alamitos Race Course. Not only was it a fun venue the food and service was just exquisite!

I really believe in this organization and the people behind it. Even though times are tough right now and I was so happy there were so many people who came out to support this great cause. The people of Illumination Foundation and the group of volunteer committee members really put their heart and soul into this event and I am so glad the event was a success. I am really looking forward to doing it again next year!

A big thank you to the following committee members for making this event a success!

Paul Leon
Paul Cho
Katie Rootlieb
Cynthia Shettler
Kimberly Aguilar
Sandra Rose
Maribel Toan
Becky O'rourke
Kim Shettler
Dan Walsh
Simona Smith
Colette Hollander

Photos by Betty Lang
Floral Design by Betty Lang and Maribel Toan of Bohemian Rose