Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary & Peter's Wedding

Mary & Peter were married at Calamigos Equestrian in Burbank. I met them both thru my friends Erica and Romel last October. I feel truly blessed they have chosen me to coordinate their big day! Even though I've only known them for a short period of time I can see how much they love each other. I've gotten to know them pretty well these past couple of months and they are such a fun couple! Their personality really goes well with the style of their photographer Amelia Lyon. I've done enough weddings and I know I should be used to it by now but I still cry at the wedding just like everybody else. :) I got all teary when Peter sang to Mary "I Do" by 98 Degrees. Boy can he sing! It was one of the many touching moments of that day! I know they love each other so much, and I can't wait to see the next chapter in their lives. Congrats Mary and Peter! Thanks again for letting me be a part of your special day! I love you guys!

Such a sweet moment...Mary's mom putting jewelry on her

The beautiful ceremony at The Little White House

The Grand Prix Ballroom

The stunning and delicious red velvet cake from Cake Crumbs

I got a shot of the happy couple behind their amazing photographer Amelia Lyon...Check out her blog for the professional

Photos by Betty Lang

A big thank you to my awesome assistant Cat for helping me run the day so smoothly. Special Thanks to all the vendors for making this wedding such a fun and successful event!
-Calamigos Equestrian - Annah Winfield
-Amelia Lyon - Amelia Lyon Photograhy
-Officiant - Peter Park
-Ceremony/Cocktail Music - Arroyo String Quartet - Lisa Fowler
-DJ/Entertainment - Fly by Nights DJ's - Johnny Mathiesen
-Floral Designer - Commerce Flowers - Duke
-Cake - Cake Crumbs - John & Susan Rota
-Hair & Makeup - Joyce Luck Team - Angela Tsai

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What a gorgeous wedding!