Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Approach to Design

My approach to designing weddings and events is very much like the way I approach interior design. I start with the space. My starting point is to look at the architecture of the space. Whether it's a historical building with high ceiling and oversize chandeliers, or an outdoor space with trees surrounding us, I will draw inspiration from the client and together we will develop a theme that would fit the setting and bring out the client's personality. I will then imagine what the space will look like with the design concept in my head and bring the vision to life.

Being in the interior design world has given me an opportunity to walk into a space and look at it in a total different way. Not only do I look at the space as a whole, but I look at all the details of the space down to the crown mouldings and door trims. Each and every element is important to the character of the space. When I am designing, I keep the integrity of the space in mind and work with all the elements. Each space is unique and each event is unique and I love to explore all the possibilities a space can offer.

My recent visit to Melville Winery is a perfect example of inspiration to me. The setting itself already began to tell a story. I felt so inspired being there, and taking in the view. I love using something as simple as a cork to incorporate into an event. I would love an opportunity to coordinate an event at a winery in the near future!

Photos by Betty Lang

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